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COVID-19 Prevention

Covid-19 Contagion Prevention Rules

Covid-19 prevention:
In order that the Christmas market at Spittelberg can take place again this year, new regulations were necessary, which the city of Vienna together with the Christmas markets of Vienna, the WKO and the deputy of the Medical University Vienna Center for Public Health have worked out, in order to make a safe environment for the holding of this event market possible:

The 3 most important points are:
- the obligation to wear masks applies to everyone: visitors, stand operators and all employees
- the distance rule of 1 meter must be followed in front of the stands, in the rest areas (at the bar tables, where a maximum of 4 people are allowed) and throughout the entire market area
- Regular hand hygiene: hand disinfection is possible at all entrances with the disinfectant dispensers provided, and regular disinfection of all sale and rest areas is ensured.

Therefore put your mask on, keep the distance and follow the hand hygiene standards, the Christmas season can be enjoyed in fully. 

Generally applies to the entire market area: 
1. In principle, this year there are fewer huts than in previous years and the distances between many huts are bigger. 
2. All visitors, market operators, employees and staff members must wear a mask. 
3. The minimum distance between people is 1m. 
4. Security staff patrol the market area and make sure that the regulations are observed. 
5. Stand operators and their staff may also inform visitors of the minimum distance, the mask obligation, cough and sneeze labels and hand hygiene.
6. Disinfectant dispensers are available at all stands and in the entrance zones.
7. There will be no children's program, no indoor activities and no musical performances. 
8. The sanitary facilities for all visitors and hut operators will be those of the pubs that operate a punch stand. There are disinfectant dispensers there as well. In addition, there is an mask obligation in these areas - also in the toilet.
9. Gastronomy stands are equipped with acrylic glass walls and spitting protection at the sales area. Signs mark the entrance and exit. Nothing may be consumed at the stands. Instead, there are rest areas.  
10. The resting zones have a distance of 1m between the tables. A maximum of 4 people may stand at the bar tables.
11. Voluntary contact tracing: data collection sheets will be available at the market stands and QR codes will be visible.
12. Visitors and employees of the Vienna Christmas markets are have to wear a mask at all times. They may only be taken off for the consumption of food and beverages. The security staff will ensure that this rule is followed. The stand operators will also point this out to their customers.
13 The operators of the market stands will ensure regular cleaning and disinfection of the sales counters and bar tables.
14. The employees of the sales stands serve their customers as quickly as possible and will, if there is a crowd in front of a stand, politely ask the visitors to keep a sufficient distance and, if necessary, to continue walking and come back later.
14. The obligation to wear masks applies in the entire market area and is also communicated everywhere.
15. The security forces will offer masks to visitors without masks if necessary. The operators of the market stalls will also have simple masks in stock, so that all visitors are equipped according to the rules.

We are aware that this is an exceptional situation this year and, for the safety and health of all concerned, we ask you to always observe the regulations and, if necessary, to inform others of these regulations. Finally, we recommend to install the "Stopp Corona" app of the Red Cross in order to enable a possible tracking of cluster formation and to facilitate the containment of the pandemic.

Finally, stay healthy, wear your mask correctly, also COVERING YOUR NOSE. We wish you a nice time at the Spittelberg Christmas Market and looking forward to your visit!





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