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The cultural association Forum Spittelberg intends to hold the Christmas Market on Spittelberg again this year.

1. Registrations now open! The registration deadline is Saturday, 15 June 2024.

2. Subject to our approval, the available places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. 

3. Approximately 3 weeks after the registration deadline, which is 15 June 2024, we will send you the contracts. We base our contract design on the City of Vienna’s contracts for events on Rathausplatz. The contracts to be signed by you will be countersigned by us as soon as your participation fees (see participation costs) have been credited to our account. A corresponding payment receipt will be sent to you with the contract.

The payment must then be made within a two-week period after receipt of the contract (account receipt). Of course, the contracts signed by you must also be on file with us by this time at the latest. After countersigning the contracts (if all conditions are fulfilled, they will be returned to you immediately), you will have your fixed stand location.

4. The contracts to be concluded state that all information you provide to us in the registration form is binding. In particular, this also applies to the amount of electricity you specify. In previous years, problems have repeatedly arisen due to stalls declaring too low a KWH consumption and connecting additional equipment (e.g. heaters), resulting in unpleasant power cuts due to line overloads. As this also affects all other stallholders, this cannot be accepted.

Please fill out the extra form correctly and in a concentrated manner when registering!

5. We will draw and mark the stand locations on site. Therefore it is necessary that you please give us the exact dimensions of your stand (outer edges) and tell us on which side your hut entrance (door) is located and how far your roof overhangs the outer edge of the hut. Your details in this regard are binding for us and cannot be changed once the stand location has been allocated.

6. We attach particular importance to the product list of your product range. This product listing shall be regarded on the one hand as a basis for approval or rejection by the forum and on the other hand as an integral part of the contract. Products not expressly acknowledged and authorised by us may not be offered for sale. In order to be able to distinguish goods produced in-house from purchased finished or semi-finished products, you must make a precise declaration. As your range of goods will be checked on site, it should be noted that incorrect production and product details may result in the cancellation of the contract. We therefore also ask for pictures or photos of your products when you register.

7. You acknowledge and agree that as a participant in the Christmas Market you must have an appropriate business licence or tax number. In the event of any inspections by the relevant authorities, please provide proof of this on site.

8. We will provide you with precise information about the Ö-norm-compliant equipment of your sales stand (especially with regard to electrics). If you do not comply with this, we will unfortunately be forced to   charge you any subsequent cancellation fees and other costs incurred.

9. We would like to point out that the operation of sound equipment (radio, CD) is prohibited by the authorities without exception.

10. We would like to point out that no participating entrepreneur is entitled to grant the use of the sales stand or the sale of the goods offered in the sales stand to third parties, either for a fee or free of charge (full or partial leasing). The sales stand may only be operated on the own account and at the risk of the participating company and contract partner. Exceptions to this – emergency situations, etc. – require the express permission of the organiser.

11. We would be very pleased if you would make more efforts to improve the ambience of the market in the area of the stalls by means of a visually appealing ‘decoration concept’.
Of course, we will again make every effort to advertise the Christmas Market to the public, to make the entrance situation to the alleys attractive, to install a sophisticated light decoration and to be available to you on the spot with as professional an organisational service as possible.
If you know colleagues with interesting products, we would be pleased if they would also apply.
We are sure that we will be able to organise a highly successful market again this year and look forward to your participation.

Spittelberggasse 20/1 • 1070 Vienna
T +43 1 522 46 78


Project management
Spittelberg Christmas Market

M +43 699 124 88 593

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Mag.a Christiane Goller und Mag. Michael Schmid vom Forum Spittelberg-Team mit Klimaschutzministerin Mag.a Leonore Gewessler copyright:BMKÖS/HBF/Trippolt

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