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Fighting climate change is very important to us at Spittelberg. And that’s why the Christmas market is organised as an “eco-event”.

Good ecological footprint, fairly traded or produced, local, regional and/or organic, vegetarian or vegan, resource-conserving and sustainable. That’s what we want and what we want to offer our visitors. You will love it. Certainly.

The Forum Spittelberg cultural association would like to thank all the stall holders for their commitment and for the fantastic range of goods on offer, which makes the Christmas market on Spittelberg something very special. The wide and varied offer of the numerous market stalls is an important criterion for the success of the Spittelberg Christmas market. Once again this year, there are lots of new things to discover and plenty of creative gifts to buy. No two market stalls are the same and, with the help of the many dedicated stall holders, it should stay that way.

If you are interested in operating a stall at the Spittelberg Christmas Market, you can apply for a spot by sending an application. We are always pleased to welcome new and attractive goods that enrich the market. Beautiful gift ideas always have a good chance of being included.

This webpage contains the online application form, information, selection criteria and all participation costs.

Registrations for 2024 are now open.

The registration deadline is Saturday, 15 June 2024. 


In the event of cancellation of the market by the authorities before 2 November, the contract shall be deemed not to have been concluded and the stand operators shall receive a refund of the fees paid up to the date of cancellation. Should the market be cancelled due to an official order after 2 November, the stall fee will be refunded pro rata temporis. The economic risk of entrepreneurial success as well as all health risks associated with participation in the market shall be borne by the stall operator, as with any market event, who is familiar with this subject.


Participation fee

Trade in goods of all kinds
Arts and crafts – exclusively self-produced goods

The participation costs for 2024

1. Basic Stall Fee:
Trade: € 1374,00 zzgl. € 12,00 per squaremeter and day
Arts and crafts: € 900,00 zzgl. € 9,90 per sqaremeter and day

Food: € 1414,00 zzgl. € 12,30 per squaremeter and day
Applies to following lanes: Spittelberggasse, Siebensterngasse, Stiftgasse, Schrankgasse und Gutenberggasse

2. Power consumption:
Transparent invoice for electricity from the company “The Power Company” based on the information provided at the time of registration and on-site verification. Please fill in the field “Electricity consumption” correctly and accurately when registering.

3. Stall rental for the duration of the market:

• 3,0 m x 1,5 m € 1090,00
• 4,5 m x 1,5 m € 1220,00
(including assembly and disassembly)

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the stalls we rent are made available empty without exception. Because we know that different products and presentation concepts require individual designs. After all, this is what makes the Spittelberg Christmas Market so colorful. However, we will be happy to provide practical advice on equipment (power installation, lighting, shelving, tables, heating, etc.).

However, we will be happy to provide practical advice on equipment (power installation, lighting, shelving, tables, heating, etc.). You are, of course, welcome to use your own stall at the Spittelberg Christmas Market. When doing so, we ask you to take note of the following official regulations with regard to the height of the cover flaps: “The height of the lowest point of the market stall and the flaps/canopies must be at least 2.20 m.”

4. Start of market setup:
The exact dates will be communicated to you by e-mail with the (countersigned) contract.

Note: As the 7th district is a parking management district, you must pay for parking from Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 10:00 pm. We are working on special conditions with the Parkgarage Stiftgasse and will inform you in time.

All prices are exclusive of value added tax.

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Mag.a Christiane Goller und Mag. Michael Schmid vom Forum Spittelberg-Team mit Klimaschutzministerin Mag.a Leonore Gewessler copyright:BMKÖS/HBF/Trippolt

1. Preis für Nachhaltigkeit

“Vorbildhaftigkeit mit großer Breitenwirkung” – dies hat uns die Jury des Wettbewerbs “Nachhaltig gewinnen” des Klimaschutzministeriums für den Weihnachtsmarkt 2023 attestiert. Wir freuen uns!